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Hardwood Flooring mobile

Hardwood Flooring Mobile AL

Hardwood Flooring Mobile  

Do you want professional hardwood flooring services for your homes or business projects? At Hardwood Flooring Mobile, we take our time to address our customer’s needs, check the materials for their design of choice.

We offer consultation for your residential and business spaces and also existing structures that need troubleshooting.

Hardwood Flooring installation

Our team specializes in hardwood flooring installation for home and business owners. Having a freshly installed hardwood floor in your area can impact the look and feel of the surroundings. Wood floors add value as well as comfort regardless of the internal decoration. If your having a hard time choosing which design option will be good on your floor, our wood floor specialists can narrow down the choice that would good look in your home.

We can help you with the installation of hardwood floors in your home or business. We always aim for top-notch service that is in line with the time frame and the budget. Call us to get you started.

Why choose hardwood for your home?

Hardwood floors have plenty of benefits over other floor options in your home or business. Some floor options are known for their prices and maintenance, and hardwood floors can add warmth and beauty and add a specific value to your home. People with asthma or allergies will benefit from this flooring because pollen or allergies will not stick to the material.

The ideal place for hardwood floors

It is a common misconception for homeowners to install wood floors in any part of the house. Still, it’s your choice on where to put it as long as you deal with the consequences. Hardwood Flooring Mobile does not recommend bathrooms or mudrooms for hardwood. Areas that attract moisture will cause severe damage to wood floors. We recommend installing hardwood in living rooms, entryways, kitchens, and bedrooms.

What not to do on your hardwood floor

Homeowners around the world yearn for hardwood floors; they look great and last longer. But they need special attention. Most people do a lot of things unconsciously that would contribute to the deterioration of the floor. You need to pay attention more to avoid causing problems in the long run.

Liquid cleaners

Remember, any liquid form is not a good combination for your floor; the liquid will seep through the wood’s internal structure. If this keeps happening, the liquid will force the wood to expand and break easily; early signs of warping will be apparent. Today, most manufacturers treat their hardwood flooring to withstand wet cleaning, but this doesn’t mean that you have to use liquid solutions for cleaning. Preferably, use a mop or damp cloth.

High heels

Wearing high heels inside the house is one way to ruin your floor. This is because the heels are pointed, and the weight pulls downward, leaving dents on the floors. When you get home, make sure to have a pair of slippers near your door so you will be reminded.

Trimming pet’s nails  

Claws can easily damage and leave dents on hardwood floors, plus the sound of your pet’s claws hitting the floor can drive someone crazy. Take the time to trim their nails or have them trimmed at the pet center. You’ll be doing your floors a solid favor.

Call your Hardwood Flooring Mobile experts

If you are in need of hardwood flooring contractors in Mobile, Alabama, you can count on Hardwood Flooring Mobile to help you with your flooring needs. We know the hassles of flooring renovations, and we want you to have a stress-free experience. Call us if you’re going to make time for your floor scheduling.

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Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM - 6PM
Address: 250 Saint Joseph St, Mobile, AL 36601